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When your practice outgrows your current EHR

We have the solution


Let us talk with you about growing your business

Simple Practice was a good start for your business. Now, your practice simply can't survive if you stay. We can supply you with the tools to take your business to the next level.  

We work with you to design your ideal workflow. When you design the workflow there is no training needed! We have certified workflow experts to assist with the process. 

We have joined forces with AWS to bring to you a HIPAA eligible tool to streamline your documentation needs. This generative AI can translate a conversation into a clinical note.

Our system brings together the powerful tool of being able to two way text a patient. No personal device needed. Couple this with online payment options. This is a game changer in RCM. 

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Let us show you the power of your business



Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for your practice?

At Affordable Custom EHR, we offer software that is flexible and tailored to your needs.

Booking an appointment with us will ensure that you receive a customized software solution that fits your practice, without breaking the bank.


What's In It For You

Introducing our revolutionary AI-powered billing solution, designed to transform and elevate your revenue stream effortlessly.  Say goodbye to the hassle of manually submitting and receiving claims and EOBs. Our cutting-edge AI technology handles 98% of the workload for you.

With our system,  you will spend less time on the billing, while our AI seamlessly takes care of the intricate billing process in the background. Experience the future of efficient healthcare management where productivity soars and revenue flows effortlessly. 

Discover the unparalleled benefits our AI brings to your practice. Come witness the next level of billing efficiency. Your time is valuable, let our technology empower your success.

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Dolores S

More than meets our needs.

We have successfully used their software for over 8 years with no issues.

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I can focus on patients!

Their team keeps improving the breadth and scope year after year.

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Great software and the way to go

It has a beautiful user interface and can be easy to use with some orientation.

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