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Behavioral health 



Meet Sherwin, owner & developer.

We have chosen to specialize in behavioral health systems & Chronic Care management. 

HIPAA audits are done by a third party company. 

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Everything you need



Real-time insurance eligibility checks for $0.20 per request.  Get informed before the patient arrives. 



Simplify client payments with AutoPay and online credit card processing.  



Offer HIPAA-compliant video appointments, including screen-sharing. 




Electronically file primary and secondary insurance claims in seconds.


Client Portal

Centralize your client communication with a secure, online portal. 



Our system is mobile friendly. No special app needed to use the system. FHIR connectivity is available.



Streamline all of your intake and documentation needs in one place. If needed we custom design intake for your practice.



Rely on an all-star customer success team that’s there for you every step of the way.

A native woman-owned medical claims clearinghouse that caters to your needs. Our user-friendly portal and excellent customer support will help manage your electronic medical transactions.


EHRs need to be usable. Building the correct set of processes for your practice is what we can do for your practice. Taking a step-by-step conversational approach is how to build the best process. When the EHR works as you think, productivity is easy. 

 Specialties we focus on

In our connected world, it is important to have a way to connect with the patient in real-time. We take every step we can to connect you to the patient in ways that are intuitive to both the patient and the provider.  We offer a suite of tools to connect with the patient/client and receive fair compensation.

Texting patients/clients appointment reminders are one such tool to help connect with patients.

We wanted to focus on chronic care management because many of us have relatives that are affected by conditions such as diabetes that require constant monitoring. 

We are in a world of wearable devices that are out there that can report a person's condition so that preventive actions can be taken to improve the quality of life. 

Let us get you connected. 


What's In It For You

We strive to build the best system possible for our users. Working together, your suggestions go a long way in building a system that benefits all the users. We take every suggestion that is presented by users seriously. We know that implementing as many suggestions as possible, builds a system whos value far exceeds the mind of one person.

Dolores S

More than meets our needs.

We have successfully used their software for over 8 years with no issues.


I can focus on patients!

Their team keeps improving the breadth and scope year after year.


Great software and the way to go

It has a beautiful user interface and can be easy to use with some orientation.

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501 Independence Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Tel: 757-328-2736

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