Areas of Expertise: A Short List. There is more! 

Electronic Form Develop

Forms are an integral part of any practice. Building the forms needed to capture data is one of the things that need to be done. Give us a paper form and we recreate it electronically. We can add magical features that assist in filling out the form. 

Feature Build

Features are things that don't come in the program natively. Like having the program to open multiple tabs at once. Or a payment system that allows the processing of bulk credit card charges. Or building an office note that dynamically fills in data and populates new forms with previously entered data.   

Continuous Training

The landscape of medical documentation is an ever-changing one. Staying on top of changes and alerts is apart of my service to your office. 

Whats In It For You

Building a lasting value. The money that is spent on building a custom EHR is not waisted. It adds lasting value to the company. Your business has a unique asset that can grow in value over time. If it is maintained and equips your business to profit. If your company is large enough, there can be a tax advantage. 

Here are examples of how we can work with your practice.

Dr. Rodney Chen

is a plastic surgeon in Tx. He wanted to run the software himself but wanted a professional advisor (Me) to call when he got stuck. He only pays for what he needs from me. Partner for 1.5yrs

Philip J. Haggerty, Knoxville, Tn.

His practice is ever-changing because of regulations. He likes the fact that he can call me up and say we need to add ... or we need to change ... so that their documentation keeps pace with regulations. For this reason, he has passed many insurance audits being an Anesthesiologist Pain Clinic. 7yrs and counting.

George Mason University, Fairfax VA,

They brought me on board because they needed an expert to build what they couldn't get from Practice Fusion. The ability to change the program as the needs of the students they are training for future jobs change is a major asset to GMU. They have the ability to change and grow the EHR on demand. That is real power. 




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