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Juggernaut Systems Express


My company specializes in building a cloud EHR solution out of OpenEMR on AWS. 

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Below is the video on how to install OpenEMR and owe us nothing. 

Use the Demo, username admin password pass

Press Release:

Telemedicine Integration

This past weekend our integration went live. Doctors were able to visit with patients and create notes in the system while seeing the patient! Contact me for more details.

Cloud Hosting:

     Cloud hosting frees you up from spending money on in house servers. This also allows you to access your software from anywhere. HIPAA compliance is a must-have in a cloud-based EHR. We make it happen by using industry security standards as required by HIPAA.

EHR Customization:

     EHR's need to be usable. Building the correct set of processes for your practice is what we can do for your practice. Taking a step by step conversational approach is how to build you the best process in OpenEMR. When the EHR works as you think, productivity is easy. This project can be a tax benefit to your practice. Ask your tax professional about this. 



Contact Me

If you have a question, I have an answer and if I don't have one right away. I will find one for you. 

501 Independence Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320

sherwin @

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