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We are dedicated to sharing modules that bring meaningful functionality to OpenEMR. 

Prior Authorization Manager

This module is built to manage prior authorization needed for patient services provided. The module has an entry form in each patient's chart for the prior auth numbers. The data captured includes the start and end date. The module showed when an auth has expired. The CPT codes that the auth is issued for can be stored also. Our next version will use the CPTs and date range to enter the correct auth into the billing if desired. Download the zip file and unzip it in the OpenEMR root folder like a patch. 

Documo Fax Modules

Here is the link to download the fax module. Contact us if you need assistance installing the module. Download and unzip like a patch. This link is for v7. Version 6 is still available here

SMS Appointment Reminders & Text Message from OEMR

Texting is an essential part of communications. Now you can have automatic SMS reminders sent to a patient's phone. Also, you can text the patient from within the EHR and capture the responses in the EHR!

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