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Is Your Therapy Practice Outgrowing the Simple Practice Pricing Model ? Consider Affordable Custom EHR.

As a solo therapist embarks on their professional journey, platforms like Simple Practice offer an attractive solution for managing appointments, notes, billing, and more, all in one streamlined system. However, as the practice expands to include multiple therapists, the simplicity of this pricing structure becomes increasingly unsustainable. This article explores the challenges posed by Simple Practice's pricing model in the context of a growing therapy practice and highlights the benefits of affordable custom Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions.

outgrowing an EHR is not hard to do.
When your practice outgrows the EHR

The Pitfalls of Simple Practice Pricing Structure

Simple Practice's pricing model is straightforward for solo practitioners. However, as the practice scales and adds more therapists, the per-provider pricing can quickly become prohibitive. Each additional therapist means an additional cost, which can significantly impact the practice's profitability.

Moreover, the features offered by Simple Practice might not fully meet the evolving needs of a growing therapy practice. While it provides essential functions like appointment scheduling and billing, it may lack the flexibility and customization required to adapt to the unique workflows and preferences of multiple therapists with diverse specialties.

The Rise of Custom EHR Solutions

Custom EHR solutions present a compelling alternative for growing therapy practices. These platforms offer the flexibility to tailor the system to the specific requirements of the practice, accommodating varying specialties, workflows, and preferences seamlessly.

One of the most significant advantages of custom EHR solutions is their affordability. Unlike Simple Practice, which charges per provider, custom EHR providers often offer pricing structures that are more conducive to scalability. This means that as the practice grows and adds more therapists, the cost per provider remains reasonable, allowing for sustainable expansion without breaking the bank.

Affordable Custom EHR vs. Simple Practice: A Comparison

Affordable custom EHR solutions can supply all the features that Simple Practice offers, and more, at a much lower price point. These features may include:

1. Customization: Tailoring the EHR system to the unique needs and preferences of the practice, including customizable templates, intake forms, and treatment plans.

2. Scalability: Offering pricing structures that are conducive to growth, allowing practices to add new therapists without incurring exorbitant costs.

3. Integration: Seamless integration with other tools and systems used by the practice, such as telehealth platforms, payment gateways, and analytics tools.

4. Comprehensive Support: Access to dedicated support teams that understand the intricacies of the practice and can provide timely assistance and troubleshooting.

5. Data Security: Robust security measures to safeguard sensitive patient information and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.


While Simple Practice may serve the needs of solo therapists effectively, its pricing structure becomes increasingly unsustainable as practices grow to include multiple therapists. Affordable custom EHR solutions offer a viable alternative, providing the same features and functionalities at a much lower price point. By embracing custom EHR solutions, growing therapy practices can achieve scalability, flexibility, and sustainability without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

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